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TVshows_19_Matthew.jpg 19 - Matthew Journal

Japanese TV Show - Matthew Journal. Pretty funny.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_18.jpg 18 - Jung Woo Sung

The main focus of this clip is Jung Woo Sung. There's a gay movie commentator who was ecstatic in meeting JWS.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_17_CN.jpg 17 - Chinese show about JJH and Daisy

TV show talking about Ji Hyun and her movie Daisy. Spoken in Mandarin Chinese.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_16_JP.jpg 16 - Jap TV Show

A Jap. TV host went to Korea to meet Ji Hyun.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_15_V6_3.jpg 15 - V6 's TV Show Part 3

The finale of the show...

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_15_V6_2.jpg 15 - V6 's TV Show Part 2

V6 band competes for Ji Hyun via some kind of eating game?

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_15_V6_1.jpg 15 - V6 's TV Show Part 1

TV show hosted by Japanese boy band V6.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_14_JP_HBC.jpg 14 - Japanese HBC TV Show

The Japanese tv host was given a mission to handcuffed Ji Hyun when JJH's promoting Windstruck in Tokyo.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_13_CN.jpg 13 - Star Focus

China TV program "Star Focus" covers Ji Hyun and her role in Windstruck.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_12_TVBws_2.jpg 12 - TVB Windstruck Part 2

Ji Hyun, Jang Hyuk, and the Windstruck director attended a HK tv show to promote the movie and meet the fans.

[Stream N/A] [DL 40.7 MB]
Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_12_TVBws_1.jpg 12 - TVB Windstruck Part 1

TVB station talks with Windstruck actors.

[Stream N/A] [DL 38 MB]
Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_11_HK.jpg 11 - HK ATV

HK ATV station reporting the Korean wave in HK.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_10.jpg 10 - Korean TV

Korean entertainment TV program about JJH.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_09_selfvideo.jpg 9 - Self Video

A Jap. tv station wanted Ji Hyun to produce a video of herself when she was promoting MSG in Japan 2003.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_08_CFqueen.jpg 8 - Asian CF Queen Poll 2002

Poll conducted in Seoul, Tokyo, and Shanghai. The final 3 were Ji Hyun (KOR), Fukada Kyoko (JAP), and Zhao Wei (China). Ji Hyun won the title.

[Stream N/A] [DL 17.8 MB]
Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_07.jpg 7 - Ji Hyun talks about herself

Ji Hyun talks about herself and shows her humble self. Chinese subtitles in these clips.

[Stream N/A] [DL 25.3 MB]
Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_06_GOD.jpg 6 - Babysitting Diaries

Featured on GOD's show "Babysitting Diary". Ji Hyun also kisses a little kid.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_05.jpg 5 - Ji Hyun Sings?

Ji Hyun impersonating the singing of a Korean singer (Park Ji Yoon) here.

[Stream N/A] [DL 28.7 MB]
Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_04.jpg 4 - Practice

Contains footage of her practicing for Jang Hyuk's MV.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_03_2.jpg 3 - Happy Together Part 2

Second part of Jihyun's appearance on a talk show after the airing of Happy Together.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_03_1.jpg 3 - Happy Together Part 1

Jihyun appears on a talk show after the airing of Happy Together.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_02.jpg 2 - JJH with her 2 friends...

Ji Hyun with 2 of her best buddies here, Cha Tae Hyun and Jang Hyuk.

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Updated 11-11-2006
TVshows_01_GOD.jpg 1 - GOD

TV show hosted by GOD featuring a very young Jun Ji Hyun.

[Stream] [DL 4.8 MB]
Updated 11-11-2006

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