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HappyTogether_5_Themevideo.jpg 5 - Happy Together Theme

Theme video to Happy Together.

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Updated 9-24-2006
HappyTogether_4_JJHLBHscene.jpg 4 - JJH LBH Scenes

Contains some emotional scenes with Lee Byung Hyun who acts as Jihyun's long lost half brother.

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Updated 9-24-2006
HappyTogether_3_JJHCTHscene.jpg 3 - JJH CTH Scenes

Funny scenes of Cha Tae Hyun making a fool of himself to get JJH's attention. What do some of these scenes remind you of?

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Updated 10-1-2006
HappyTogether_2_JJHscenes.jpg 2 - Jeon Ji Hyun Scenes

Some random scenes with JJH.

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Updated 9-24-2006
HappyTogether_1_JapanTVTrai.jpg 1 - Japan TV Trailer

1999 Korean drama with lots of current A-listed Korean stars including Lee Byung Hyun, Song Seng Hyun, Cha Tae Hyun, Kimi Ha Neul, and our Jeon Ji Hyun.

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Updated 9-24-2006

Thoughts aside

The projectors have all but diminished the need of computer printer for presentations. Now you just shoot with your digital cameras and display. As simple as that. Surely the advent of digital cameras has changed the perspective of photography.

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Updated Mar 10, 2006
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