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Events_16.jpg 16 - HK Windstruck Bonanza

Interviews, meeting the HK filmmakers, and attending the premier of Windstruck in HK.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_15.jpg 15 - Guest on TVB HK show

Recording a tv show for TVB HK

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_14.jpg 14 - Windstruck Press Conference (HK)

Windstruck press conference in Hong Kong.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_13.jpg 13 - HK Windstruck Promotion

Arrival at HK for Windstruck promotion.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_12.jpg 12 - Windstruck Promotion in Hong Kong

Windstruck Promotional Tour in HK.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_11.jpg 11 - Time Asia Interview

Footage of Time Asia's interview with Jun Ji Hyun.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_10.jpg 10 - Windstruck Press Conference

Announcement of Windstruck project in Korea.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_09.jpg 9 - MSG Press Conference (Japan)

Footage of My Sassy Girl press conference in Japan.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_08_2.jpg 8 - The Uninvited Press Conference Pt 2

The Uninvited press conference in Korea part 2.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_08_1.jpg 8 - The Uninvited Press Conference Pt 1

The Uninvited press conference in Korea part 1.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_07.jpg 7 - Daejong Film Awards 2002

Ji Hyun wins Best Actress for her role in MSG and 'People's Choice' award along with Cha Tae Hyun!

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_06.jpg 6 - My Sassy Girl Premiere 2 (Korea)

MSG stars go to the theater to watch their premiere.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_05.jpg 5 - MSG Premiere in Korea

Footage of the My Sassy Girl premiere in Korea.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_04_2.jpg 4 - MSG Press Conference Pt 2

My Sassy Girl Press Conference Part 2 in Korea.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_04_1.jpg 4 - MSG Press Conference Pt 1

My Sassy Girl Press Conference Part 1 in Korea.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_03.jpg 3 - Il Mare Press Conference (Korea)

Il Mare Press Conference in Korea.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_02.jpg 2 - Il Mare Premiere in Korea

Footage of the Il Mare premiere in Korea.

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Updated 12-1-2006
Events_01.jpg 1 - High School Graduation

Wow, a rare video of Ji Hyun's high school graduation. Thanks to Sung Hoon

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Updated 12-1-2006

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