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VideoMsg_6.jpg 6 - 2007 New Years

Jihyun wishes us a happy 2007 New Years!

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Updated 1-6-2007
VideoMsg_5.jpg 5 - 2006 Greetings

(Translated by Sung Hoon) She wishes us a happy new year and hopes your plan is accomplished. She likes us to cheer for her movie and will come to us with a good movie

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Updated 12-25-2006
VideoMsg_4.jpg 4 - 2005 New Year Greetings

(Translated by Sung Hoon) Ji Hyun thanks the web users for Naver has become the first portal site of Korea. She wishes us a happy new year too!

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Updated 12-25-2006
VideoMsg_3.jpg 3 - Christmas Greetings (2004)

(Translated by Sung Hoon) Ji Hyun tells us a Merry Xmas and that Naver has prepared some special events for Xmas. She wishes us a happy holiday!

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Updated 12-25-2006
VideoMsg_2.jpg 2 - Greeting from cafe

(Translated by Sung Hoon) JJH welcomes you to her fan site (not this one sadly, sigh).

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Updated 12-25-2006
VideoMsg_1.jpg 1 - Young JJH Greeting

(Translated by Sung Hoon) JJH celebrates the release of Jang Hyuk's Whasango (Volcano High). She enjoys the movie and is very happy with the new genre like Whasango emerging in Korea.

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Updated 12-25-2006

Thoughts aside

Now photography is all about the digital camera. You shoot with your cell phones, store to your pda and later use projectors to display the pictures.

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