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Windstruck_06_Making34.jpg 6 - Making 34

Another making of the warehouse scene in the beginning.

[Stream N/A] [DL 20.9 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making33.jpg 6 - Making 33

Another making of the gun fight scene in the beginning.

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.6 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making32.jpg 6 - Making 32

Some interview clips as well as them frolicking in the rain puddles.

[Stream N/A] [DL 13.1 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making31.jpg 6 - Making 31

This is an interesting clip. Jeon Jihyun appeared very upset after her teary scene. She was very involved in her role in the movie which kinda gives me a tingly feeling considering I normally don't feel characters in movies. Very powerful once you watch this.

[Stream N/A] [DL 41.4 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making30.jpg 6 - Making 30

Some more making of the ending scenes in Windstruck and how they got the papers to fly all over the place. Jihyun really showcases her acting here...

[Stream N/A] [DL 35.4 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making29.jpg 6 - Making 29

Making of some of the ending scenes in Windstruck.

[Stream N/A] [DL 13 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making28.jpg 6 - Making 28

Some scenes where it shows everyone having a good sense of humor. Pretty funny especially when Jihyun slaps Jang Hyuk pretty hard.

[Stream N/A] [DL 14.8 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making27.jpg 6 - Making 27

Another making of the scene where Jihyun finds Jang Hyuk again...

[Stream N/A] [DL 29.6 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making26.jpg 6 - Making 26

Making of the scene where Jihyun finds Jang Hyuk again...

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.6 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making25.jpg 6 - Making 25

A shameless advertisement for both Giordano and Viyott... Jihyun eats the yogurt at the table.

[Stream N/A] [DL 4.5 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making24.jpg 6 - Making 24

Jang Hyuk cannot aim a paper airplane if his life depended on it. Jeon Jihyun on the other hand...

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.4 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making23.jpg 6 - Making 23

Making of the scenes where Jang Hyuk visits Jihyun's apartment.

[Stream N/A] [DL 15.5 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making22.jpg 6 - Making 22

Some making of the scenes from Jihyun's fairy tale... Very funny

[Stream N/A] [DL 52.8 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making21.jpg 6 - Making 21

Making of the scene where Jang Hyuk circles the jeep around Jihyun.

[Stream N/A] [DL 6.1 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making20.jpg 6 - Making 20

Another making of the beginning police scene. Pretty funny... you'll notice the director smoking a cig pretty frequently :)

[Stream N/A] [DL 7.4 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making19.jpg 6 - Making 19

Making of the early scene where they're at the police station. Pretty funny!

[Stream N/A] [DL 28 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making18.jpg 6 - Making 18

Making of the runaway HKS car scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 42.1 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making17.jpg 6 - Making 17

Making of the funny beginning scene where she is chained to Jang Hyuk and confronts the bust...

[Stream N/A] [DL 10.8 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making16.jpg 6 - Making 16

Making of the scene where Jihyun is chasing after someone.

[Stream N/A] [DL 3.4 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making15.jpg 6 - Making 15

Funny scene where Jihyun hops over crates the wrong way.

[Stream N/A] [DL 17.1 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making14.jpg 6 - Making 14

Some backstage clips showing Jeon Ji Hyun being her playful self with the director.

[Stream N/A] [DL 33.3 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making13.jpg 6 - Making 13

Jeon Ji Hyun trains for the encounter with the high school kids

[Stream N/A] [DL 8.9 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making12.jpg 6 - Making 12

Making of the scene where Jihyun escorts Jang Hyuk through the streets then encounters the high school kids.

[Stream N/A] [DL 19.8 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making11.jpg 6 - Making 11

Jeon Ji Hyun messes up her lines during the classroom scene in the beginning.

[Stream N/A] [DL 19.9 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006
Windstruck_06_Making10.jpg 6 - Making 10

Making of the classroom scene in the beginning. Jihyun gets slapped pretty hard on the back of the head :(

[Stream N/A] [DL 12.1 MB]
Updated 10-16-2006

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