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MSG_07_Making32.jpg 7 - Making 32

Making of the scene where the girl fights in the warehouse to save the guy.

[Stream N/A] [DL 27.3 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making31.jpg 7 - Making 31

Rehearsal of the scene where they do the actual sword fighting.

[Stream N/A] [DL 3.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making30.jpg 7 - Making 30

Another making of the sword fighting scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 4.9 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making29.jpg 7 - Making 29

Some more making of the parts that lead to the sword-fighting scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.6 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making28.jpg 7 - Making 28

Shows how they dressed the actors in the old style clothing for the sword fighting scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 14.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making27.jpg 7 - Making 27

Rehearsal of JJH walking on walls.

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making26.jpg 7 - Making 26

Rehearsal part for the girl's action book where she runs along walls and does "The Matrix" style moves while firing a gun.

[Stream N/A] [DL 1.7 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making25.jpg 7 - Making 25

Similar to Making 24 but from a different angle.

[Stream N/A] [DL 3.2 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making24.jpg 7 - Making 24

Making of the scene where they flash their student ids as they're walking into the bar and when they cause a ruckus.

[Stream N/A] [DL 9.3 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making23.jpg 7 - Making 23

Another video showing Jihyun acting like a big sister to little kids. This is part of the scene where they order drinks at the cafe towards the beginning of the movie.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.9 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making22.jpg 7 - Making 22

Making of the part where she's walking along the street and the guy hits on her thinking she was someone else.

[Stream N/A] [DL 9.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making21.jpg 7 - Making 21

Making of the part where the guy opens the time capsule and finds the frog. Pretty funny.

[Stream N/A] [DL 3.9 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making20.jpg 7 - Making 20

This is the scene where they're roleplaying the part where they eat the steamed buns and suddenly it starts pouring rain.

[Stream N/A] [DL 4.7 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making19.jpg 7 - Making 19

Making of the scene where the guy meets with his aunt finally.

[Stream N/A] [DL 7.7 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making18.jpg 7 - Making 18

Rehearsal part where the girl gets a flower in her class, and her classmates cheer. Kinda funny when the girl who sits behind her pushes her in one of the takes :)

[Stream N/A] [DL 5.5 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making17.jpg 7 - Making 17

Making of the scene where they're sitting on top of a rock looking down and when she yells to him across the distance while crying. For what it's worth, she's actually crying which dispels those rumors :)

[Stream N/A] [DL 9.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making16.jpg 7 - Making 16

Jihyun actually playing Canon in D on piano. This is the scene where the guy brings her the flower on stage.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making15.jpg 7 - Making 15

One of the phone call scenes. I have no idea why they did this part in the dark.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.5 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making14.jpg 7 - Making 14

Scene where the girl's dad is so drunk that he hits his forehead against the table.

[Stream N/A] [DL 6.2 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making13.jpg 7 - Making 13

Making of the kendo part.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.3 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making12.jpg 7 - Making 12

This the funny part when they're playing racquetball and Cha Tae Hyun gets hit in the head.

[Stream] [DL 2.5 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making11.jpg 7 - Making 11

Making of the part where they make bets on which leg hops over the line. It's funny because Cha Tae Hyun actually hits Jihyun and leaves a small red bruise on her forehead.

[Stream N/A] [DL 7.3 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making10.jpg 7 - Making 10

Making of the part where they jump the wall and meet the runaway soldier.

[Stream N/A] [DL 5.6 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making09.jpg 7 - Making 9

Rehearsal scene where Jihyun gets the guy out of jail.

[Stream N/A] [DL 4.2 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making08.jpg 7 - Making 8

Rehearsal scene of Cha Tae Hyun trying to cut the scene after Jihyun walks down the stairs.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.5 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006

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