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MSG_13_PianoScene.jpg 13 - Piano Scene

Scene where the guy sneaks into the school and gives the girl a rose during her piano recital.

[Stream N/A] [DL 10.5 MB]
Updated 9-30-2006
MSG_12_HeelsScene.jpg 12 - Heels Scene

Scene where the guy swaps his sneakers for the girl's high heels.

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.7 MB]
Updated 9-30-2006
MSG_11_SubwayScene.jpg 11 - Subway Scene

The subway scene where the girl gets her forehead flicked and the guy gets his face slapped.

[Stream N/A] [DL 12 MB]
Updated 9-30-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene8.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene8

Short clip of the Matrix-ish gunfight scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 11.1 MB]
Updated 9-30-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene7.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene7

Scene where the girl and guy finish yelling at each other from opposite sides of the cliff.

[Stream N/A] [DL 1.3 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene6.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene6

Clip of when the news editor is vomiting in the toilet after reading the girl's script.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene5.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene5

Short clip when the girl reads the time capsule.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene4.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene4

Clip where the guy talks to the girl near the end of the movie when she is on a date with the other guy.

[Stream N/A] [DL 8.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene3.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene3

Short clip of when they dress in their high school outfit.

[Stream N/A] [DL 2.6 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene2.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene2

Scene where the guy is anticipating the solders crossing the line with their right foot but instead gets slapped by the girl.

[Stream N/A] [DL 3.7 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_10_CutawayScene1.jpg 10 - Cutaway Scene1

Short clip of the scene where the girl and guy miss each other by accident and when the guy helps the old lady carry her stuff up the stairs.

[Stream N/A] [DL 7.1 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_09_Footage.jpg 9 - Footage

Some short outtakes from the movie.

[Stream N/A] [DL 4.6 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_08_NG4.jpg 8 - NG4

Contains scenes where he finds out in the bathroom the girl he's dating at the end is not really a girl. Also contains scenes where they're ordering drinks in the beginning and the part where they pretend their students in the bar.

[Stream N/A] [DL 6.3 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_08_NG3.jpg 8 - NG3

Contains the scene where the guy takes the girl back to her place. Also contains the scenes where the girl slaps the guy in the jail cell, another flick on the forehead, the school outfit dance including the part where he carries her at the end,

[Stream N/A] [DL 10.1 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_08_NG2.jpg 8 - NG2

Scenes where the guy gets the glory of flicking her forehead. Also contains the condom scene and sword fighting bloopers.

[Stream] [DL 19.1 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_08_NG1.jpg 8 - NG1

Scene where they film the girl walking from various angles across the campus while talking on her cellphone. The guy runs in and out to try and yell cut several times. Also has the scene where he's chasing the girl on the baseball diamond.

[Stream] [DL 11.5 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making40.jpg 7 - Making 40

Some more making of MSG clips.

[Stream N/A] [DL 8.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making39.jpg 7 - Making 39

Some more various making of MSG clips including the scene where the guy pulls the girl off the edge of the train platform.

[Stream N/A] [DL 4.9 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making38.jpg 7 - Making 38

Behind the scenes on the scenes when they swapped shoes.

[Stream N/A] [DL 7 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making37.jpg 7 - Making 37

Some more behind the scenes on the school boy and girl dance scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 12.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making36.jpg 7 - Making 36

Some more making of the school outfit dance part. I'd love to see Jihyun pull those moves out here in the LA club scene :)

[Stream N/A] [DL 13.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making35.jpg 7 - Making 35

Making of the school dance.

[Stream N/A] [DL 9.4 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making34.jpg 7 - Making 34

Some more making of the Matrix-ish gunfight scene.

[Stream] [DL 29.8 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006
MSG_07_Making33.jpg 7 - Making 33

Some more making of the gunfight in warehouse scene.

[Stream N/A] [DL 7 MB]
Updated 9-29-2006

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