White Valentine

Also Known As:
    Hwaiteu ballenta-in

Genre: Romance
Directed By: Yang Yun-ho
Written By: Lee Eun-kyeong
Starring: Jun Ji Hyun, Park Shin Yang
Release Date: 13 February 1999 (Korea)
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Structured a simple plot, Yang Yron-ho, director of "Libera Me," presents an interesting mix of letter, dove and snow scenery, describing a woman's re-encounter with her pen-pal from 20 years ago in the film "White Valentine."

A red apple is drawn on the white envelope, where a loving name of Park Hyeon-Jun is found. The naughty little girl Jeong-Min writes letters to a soldier cheating that she were a teacher. After years, this grown-up girl meets a 30-year-old youth comes to her hometown. He takes care of an injured dove, and flies the dove with letter for his dead lover every night. One day, he suddenly gets a letter from the sky. The letter sent by the dove is an excitement for Jeong-Min as those letters contain somebody's loneless, solitude and warm heart.

At last, Hyeon-Jun leaves the town flying the last dove with letter to Jeong-Min, in order to escape from the new love. Jeong-Min finally remembers him as a special pen-pal in her young days. She flies dove with wool to confirm his identity...

Misc Notes
This is Jun Ji Hyun's first movie.

Read some short reviews from various sites as well as comments from others that have seen this movie. They generally did not like this movie as much as Il Mare. However, most say that if you are a JJH fan, then you should definitely check it out.

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