Il Mare

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Genre: Romance/Sci-Fi
Directed By: Lee Hung Seung
Written By: Kim Eun Jeong, Yoeh Ji Na
Starring: Jun Ji Hyun, Lee Jung Jae
Release Date: 9 September 2000 (Korea)
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Official Site: N/A

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From director Lee Hyun Seung comes Il Mare, the 2000 time-travel romance featuring My Sassy Girl's Jeon Ji Hyun in a starring role! This touching sci-fi love story centers on Han Seong Hyun (Lee Jung Jae, from Typhoon and Last Present), an accomplished architect who moves into his father's beach house, only to find himself put in the most extraordinary of circumstances. After dubbing the place "Il Mare" ("The Sea" in Italian), Seong Hyun receives a mysterious letter from a woman named Kim Eun Joo (Jeon Ji Hyun). Strangely, the letter is addressed to the person who will live in Il Mare after Eun Joo leaves, a puzzling statement considering the fact that Seong Hyun is the very first person to ever live in the house!

Believing it to be some sort of a prank or perhaps just a misunderstanding, Seong Hyun initially disregards the anomaly, only to find himself drawn into correspondence with Eun Joo. But as the two begin conversing through exchanged letters, they eventually discover that their situation is as remarkable as it is downright unbelievable. It seems that Eun Joo is actually living in 1999, a full two years ahead of the time in which Seong Hyun resides! Disbelief gives way to amusement and intrigue as the two continue their correspondence, eventually falling for one another. But when these two strangers decide to meet up, they soon discover something that neither quite expected. Will there be a happy ending for these two? Can love cross the boundary of time?

Hollywood Remake
Directed By: Alejandro Agresti
Written By: David Auburn (Screenplay), Kim Eun Jeong, Yoeh Ji Na
Starring: Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock
Release Date: 16 June 2006
Links: Wikipedia, IMDB
Official Site: The Lake House

Staff comment: The Lake House is decent in its own regard. It has a similar plot to the Korean version, but the script was adjusted to suit the American audience. The plot is more tangible and logical compared to the Korean version.

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