Blood: The Last Vampire

Genre: Thriller/Drama/Horror
Directed By: Ronny Yu
Written By: Kenji Kamiyama, Katsuya Terada, Ronny Yu
Starring: Jun Ji Hyun
Release Date: Spring 2008 (International? US?)
Links: Wikipedia Anime Entry, IMDB
Official Site: TBA, Production I.G

Summary (of the 1 hour Anime movie)
Saya, the last vampire, is hired by the government to hunt down vampires in a U.S. airbase.

News (in chronological order)

• (3-10-2007) Allison Miller has joined the cast as the role of Alice. Ronny Yu is no longer the director. Instead Chris Nahon (Kiss of the Dragon) has taken the lead. Shooting is expected to begin March 15.

• (1-18-2007) Shooting is expecting to begin in March in Yunnan Province in China. Unannounced popular HK star expected to also star in the film.

• (1-14-2007) Shooting is expecting to begin in February.

• (12-15-2006) Filming of the movie is expected to end in May 2007.

12-12-2006) SidusHQ reports shooting preparation has begun on December 11, 2006.

• (11-14-2006) Jun Ji Hyun has already started preparing for her role. The past month, she has been learning English for her role since the movie will be in English. Since she was casted, she underwent martial art training (including close combat with some difficulties) with some of the best Hollywood action trainers. Filming is still scheduled to begin in early 2007.

• (11-7-2006) Jun Ji Hyun has been casted to play Saya, the lead protagonist. Filming will begin in March 2007 in China and Argentina.

• (11-7-2006) Production I.G. has granted permission to Ronny Yu's remake of Blood: The Last Vampire live-action movie.

To be filled in later


• Saw the anime movie again, and it's actually pretty violent. There are quite a number of scenes where Saya must use her sword to kill vampires in fairly grotesque blood splatter way. I am hoping this movie doesn't turn out to be another Underworld and am quite skeptical right now. Typically, anime/manga movies to live-action don't fare well including *another* vampire movie into the already oversaturated market. Let's hope for the best!

• Anime sites/forums are starting to notice that Blood will be remade into a live action movie.

• Here are some recommended anime sites/forums to catch up on what this anime is about:

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• I have watched the anime movie before. It is a little violent, and I'd expect this movie to be rated 'R' when it comes out in the states if it wants to retain true to the manga/movie.

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